12 Worlds Successful ICC Cricketers who retired in 2017 on his Motherland

1. Ashish Nehra

India’s fast bowler Ashish Nehra retired from international cricket on 11 oct 2011.He retired from all cricket Formates on last T20 international matches against NewZealand at Feroz Shah Kotla in New Delhi.Nehra’s a first debut international cricket career, in the test match against Sri Lanka at Colombo in 1999 and ODI debut against Zimbabwe at Harare in 2001.

International record:-

Test Career- 17 Match,44 Wicket

ODI Career- 120 Match, 157 Wicket

T20 Career- 27 Match, 34 Wicket

2.Saeed Ajmal

Pakistans star rights arm off-spinner Saeed Ajmal retired from international cricket from all formats on November 13, 2017.Saeed Ajmal started his international cricket career in ODI against India on 2 July 2008 and test match debut against Sri Lanka 4 July 2006.

International record:-

Test Career-35 Match,178 Wicket.

ODI Career-113 Match,189 Wicket.

T20 Career-64 Match,85 Wicket.

3.Adam Voges

Australian’s batsman Adam Charles Voges retired from international cricket in February 2017. His debut on ODI February 20, 2007, against New Zealand & in test match 3 June 2015 against West Indies.

International record:-

Test career-20 Match, 1485 Run.

ODI Career-31 Match, 870 Run.

T20 Career-7 Match, 51 Run.

4.John Hastings


Australian bowler John Hastings said goodbye Test and ODI  international cricket in OCT 2017.his debut in international cricket in ODI against India in Visakhapatnam in OCT2010 and debut in test 30 November 2012 against South Africa.Hastings made his debut in T20 against Sri  Lanka in OCT13, 2010.

International record:-

Test Career- 1 Match, 52 Run,1 Wicket.

ODI Career -29 Match,271 Run,50 Half Century, 42 Wicket.

T20 Career-9 Match,46 Run,7 Wicket.

5.Michael Lumb

England player  Michael John Lumb announced his retriment from cricket in 2017due to heel injury.Michael Lumb debut in international cricket in T20 against west indies on 31 May 2017.He debuts on ODI 28 February 2014 against West Indies.

International record:-

ODI Career-3 Match,165 Run,1 Century.

T20 Career- 27 Match, 552 Run,3 Half Century.

6.Abdul Razzaq

39 year, Old Pakistani All-rounder  Abdul Razzaq retired from international cricket on 2 June 2017.His debut in international cricket in ODI November 1, 1994, against Zimbabwe.He debuts in a test match in November 1999 against Australia, & debut in  T20 against England on 28 August 2006.

International record:-

Test Career- 46 match,1946 Run,3 century,7 Half century, 100 Wicket.

ODI Career-265 Match,5080 Run,3 Century,23 Half century, 269 Wicket.

T20 Career-32 Match,393 Run,20 Wicket.

7.Younis Khan

Pakistan Batsman and former Captain of Pakistani national cricket team Younis Khan also retired from international cricket on 6 April 2017.His debut in ODI international cricket 13 February 2000against Sri Lanka & debut in test 26  February 2000 against Sri Lanka.Younis Khan started international T20 Career on 28 August 2006 against England.

International Record:-

Test Career- 118 Match, 10099 Run, 34 Century,33 Half Century,9 Wicket.

ODI Career-265 Match,7249 Run,7 Century,48 Half Century, 3 Wicket.

T20 Career-25 Match,442 Run, 2 half Century,3 wickets.

8.Misbah -ul -Haq

Former Pakistan Captain Misbah -Ul-Haq khan Niazi retired from all formats of International cricket on 14 May 2017.His first international cricket career started in the test match against New Zealand on 8 March 2001,& ODI debut on 27 April 2002 against New Zealand.

International record:-

Test Career-75 Match,5222 Run,10 century, 39 half century.

ODI Career-162 Match, 5122 Run, 42 Half century.

T20 Career-39 Match, 788 Run, 3 Half century.

9.Devon Smith

West Indies’s batsman Devon Sheldon Smith his retriment on international cricket on March 1, 2017.He made his test debut international cricket first match against Australia on 10 April 2003 on Bourda,& ODI debut in 17 may 2003 against Australia on same tour Bourda.

International Record:-

Test career-10 Match,320 Run,1 century, 7Wicket.

ODI career- 105 Match,1560 Run, 8 Half century,6 wickets

T20 career-33 Match,582 Run, 3 Half century,7 Wicket.

10.Shahid Afridi

Pakistani’s All-rounder Shahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi retired from all formats of international cricket on 20 February 2017.He played in first international cricket in ODI formats on 2 oct 1996 against Kenya.His made debut in test formates international cricket on 22 oct 1998 against Australia, & T20 debut on 28 August 2006 against England.

International record:-

Test Career-27 Match,1716 Run,5 century,8 half century, 48 Wicket.

ODI career-398 Match,8064 Run,6 Century,39 Half century,397 Wicket.

T20 career-48 Match, 1405 Run,4 Half century,97 Wicket.

11.Rilee Rossouw

South Africa’s player Rilee Roscoe Rossouw also retired from international cricket on 5 January 2017.His started on a career in international cricket on ODI formates against Zimbabwe on 21 August 2014,& T20 debut on 5 November 2014 against Australia.

International record:-

ODI career-36 Match,1239 Run,3 Century,7 Half century, 1 Wicket.

T20 career-15 Match,327 Run, 2 Half century.

12.Kyle Abbott

South Africa’s faster bowler  Kyle John Abbott retired from international cricket on 5 January 2017.He selected in International cricket from South Africa national team in February 2013.His first test on against Pakistan on 22 February 2013,& ODI debut 10 March 2013 against Pakistan on same tours.

International record:-

Test career- 11 Match,95 Run, 39 Wicket.

ODI career-28 Match,76 Run,39 Wicket.

T20 career-21 Match, 23 Run, 26 Wicket.

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