JEE mains examination – Online vs Offline: The greatest confusion


We are all familiar that JEE MAINS examination for B.Tech/B.E. engineering candidates held in both offline and online mode. But the greatest confusion is that which is better and which one should I opt for.
Today we will let you know about advantages and disadvantages of the online and offline mode of examination and help you decide which one is better for you.So, take a look below.

This is the most popular and conventional mode of examination which is chosen by a majority of candidates due to its simplicity. This is pen-paper based examination that we are used to and it is preferred also.


➡This is the conventional mode of examination that we are giving for years on paper. You have to darken the correct bubbles for each question on the OMR sheet.

➡You can review your paper and can see all questions at a time.➡There are all questions in one go, so you can solve any question that you like and mark your questions for later review.

➡The major disadvantage of the offline mode of examination is that once an answer is marked, you can not undo it. If you change it, i.e., bubble another answer, it will be treated as incorrect.

➡If one bubble goes wrong, your entire paper can get affected, so your marks too.

➡It kills your time for bubbling all the answers and details. It consumes extra time for this purpose.

➡Also, there is a bondage of space in your booklet for rough work if you are not very good at calculations.

This is computer-based examination which is generally unconventional mode of examination. We are not used to it. You have to mark the correct answer to the question on the computer screen after solving it on the provided sheet of paper.

➡The biggest advantage of online mode of examination is that you can change your answer after marking incorrect mark for it. It can affect your marks by a very big factor.

➡There is a timer on the screen so you don’t have to ask teachers about time. It is also a very good time management for you in a long run examination like this.

➡The environment is more comfortable and there are air conditioners installed in each room.

➡There is no any bondage of space for rough work. You can utilize as many sheets as you needed for solving questions.

➡You are more focused due to a single question at a time. There is no distraction and you can channelize your whole energy on the question.


➡You can’t review your paper one at a time and mark question for later review.

➡It may be possible that during the online examination, there is a chance of technical errors and power cut problem. Generally, it does not happen but if any, quick measures are taken by the CBSE and you don’t have to worry much. Don’t get panic.

So the question is which one should I opt for, online or offline.

1. We all know that JEE Mains online exam is held a week after the offline exam. So you get extra time for preparation if you choose online. If you are a JEE Advanced aspirant, you should choose for the offline exam but if you are satisfied with JEE Mains only and think that you can’t score higher marks in JEE Advanced, then the online exam is best suited for you.

2.You should give online exams only if you have used desktop or laptop otherwise you’ll face difficulties.

3.If you think online mode is more comfortable but worried about it, then you can come into comfortable mode through practicing via online test series. It should enhance your performance.

4.Many students think about the difficulty level if the question in online and offline exams, but the truth is that the difficulty level is same whether it is the offline or online exam. There are no any different level of questions been asked for you in either of the modes of examination.

5.In both the cases, you will get your questions and answers of your exam. In case of the online exam, you will be emailed with your question and answers of your online exam by CBSE after the examination.

Hope it would help you a lot deciding for which mode of examination should I go for.
Either it is JEE MAINS or any kind of examination, you will face the same things and same circumstances. 

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