Makeup Tutorial : Even tone skin and reduced hairfall in just 7 days

Hello everybody,
I have seen girls crib about their skin, their hair and how their makeup doesn’t look like the same it does on others!
Ever had these thoughts?

I had them too…

I have been working on them for a long time now and it really helped me and I’d like to share some tips with u girls for a better everyday look and oh yes on a budget!


A good canvas makes a great painting similarly a good skin is the essential need for your makeup to look flawless!
For start, invest in your skin first.


Follow these basic steps and you’ll see how your skin changes drastically within weeks!
Let’s start with changing some basic habits:
*Know Your Skin Type*

We have three basic skin types:

Dry, oily and combination skin. Know what your skin type is, all you need is a blotting paper. Take a blotting paper and gently pat on different areas of your face: cheeks, forehead, around your nose and chin. If the sheet picks up little to no oil your skin type is dry. If it picks up oil only near your nose or forehead areas your skin type is a combination and if it picks up oil in almost all the areas your skin type is oily.

  • Choose products like face wash, moisturizer, etc according to your skin type.
  •  Cleanse your face properly!
  •  Take an honest time to wash your face or try double cleansing.
  •  Change your pillowcase regularly. Try a silk pillowcase. It helps to keep your skin smooth plus reduces hair breakage during sleep
  • Wear a mask once a week. You can make these masks at home.  Mix two spoons of raw honey with a spoon of aloe vera gel and apply it all over your face or mix two spoons of raw honey with half a spoon lemon spoon.. you can use them alternatively too!
  •  Steam your face before applying masks. This will make sure that the masks really get into your pores to pull out all the gunk within!
  • Start with these super easy tricks and see your skin glow!

    Patience is the key! And most importantly love yourself the way you are.. your confidence will get the beauty in you out! Loads of love!💁🏻❤

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