Social media made these 10 peoples sucessful overnight. Power of social media

Social Media is emerging as one of the most powerful platforms to leave a deep impact on society as well as on any individual life also. The internet can make anyone popular overnight. Power of social media is huge When you won the hearts of netizens either with your photos or any of your actions, you’re surely going to set the trend and viral. Netizens are so powerful that they can make anyone popular overnight if anyone made into the hearts of netizens.

So, Today here in this blog we are going to present 10 examples of such people who become famous overnight. No one can deny the power of social media after going through this list, Here you go.

10) Dhinchak pooja.


She doesn’t need any introduction. She is a youtube sensation. She became popular overnight because of her dhinchak songs. Her songs were a pain to our ears, But those songs made her popular. Her youtube channel got more than 355k subscribers and over 67 million views. The song which made her popular is “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj” which has got more than 32 million views till now. She also appeared in “Big Boss 11” as a contestant. She is now a well-known name in India.

9) Saima Hussain Mir.

Saima Hussain Mir is a student of designing at Symbiosis Institute Of Design. Due to Shahrukh Khan, she got highly famous overnight.   Shahrukh Khan took a group selfie at Symbiosis Institute Of Design. Then the pic spread like fire on the internet, the girl in the background gained more attention and attraction than the actor. Her Instagram followers got a sudden boost. Many thanks to Shahrukh Khan for taking this picture, So that the girl from Srinagar got popular instantly.

8) Pakistani Chaiwala.


Pic of this handsome chaiwala from Pakistani hits the social media like a storm, His name is Arshad Khan. He used to sell Chai (Tea) before. But now he is no more a chaiwala. He got a sudden hike in his social media follower.  He is the crush of many girls now, girls swooned over his looks.  He became an internet sensation overnight. Not only the fan following he also got big modeling projects and endorsements. Now he is a known celebrity in Pakistan. Big cheers for social media who changed this man’s life.

7) Nepali Sabjiwali.


It is very hard to believe that she is a sabjiwali from Nepal. Her pic spread on social media like fire, She became popular as soon as her pic got viral on social media. Many guys started crushing on her and it is obvious. She got much attention from worldwide for her immense beauty, many people termed her as “Natural Beauty”.

6) China’s Mirchiwali.

Really? it is very hard to accept the truth that she is a mirchiwali from China. This Chinese mirchiwali looks as hot as Mirchi.  Her heavenly beauty made people go crazy for her around the globe. Her pic broke the internet with her killing looks. She won the hearts of many peoples, although just few pic of her went viral, they were enough to capture millions of hearts.

5) Soluchan Boy Kamlesh.


A 12 years boy from Bhopal named Kamlesh became an overnight internet star. A video went viral on youtube, in which Kamlesh expressed his addiction to drugs. He left his house and parents due to this addiction, he used to pick garbage and then sell them for a living. Soon, he becomes a hot topic of social media to talk about. peoples started making memes and trolling him.

4) Priya Prakash Varrier.


Priya Prakash Varrier was popularly known as “Wink Girl” is one of the most popular names nowadays. Her pics took the internet by storm. Her music video released on youtube got viral in which her wink and expression won million hearts. She is India’s first and world’s third celebrity to gain the highest numbers of followers in a day. Her Instagram got more than 606k follower in a day, She is next to Kylie Jenner and Christiano Ronaldo.

3) Dr. Mike.


Dr. Mike is the sexiest doctor alive. He is having around 2.6 million Instagram follower. He is killing the internet with his dashing looks and personality. girls are dying to get treatment from such a doctor. His pics got viral on social media and made him a popular person overnight. Many girls crush on him and why not? he is the real example of beauty with brains.

2) Boy Roeles.


Boy Roeles, This Dutch security guard of Justin Bieber became famous in no time, He’s one of the examples of such person who got popular overnight. He became the new crush of girls. His pic was uploaded by a girl on her Instagram handle and the pic got viral. Soon he started getting marriage proposals from a lot of girls around the world.

1) Lee Minwei.


Lee Minwei from Singapore, Lee Minwei is a security officer at Changi Airport. Someone randomly clicked his pic and uploaded it and then pic got viral. He became popular overnight, his followers count got a sudden hike. Girls went crazy for him and started dreaming of having a Boyfriend like him. His innocent smile and cute face won millions of hearts.

Hope you enjoyed and realized the power of social media, So use it well. If you loved this article then appreciate our hard work by sharing this blog with your friends. Thanks for giving your precious time to read our blog.

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