Top 5 Marvel superheroes that can actually defeat Thanos in seconds.

Top 5 Marvel superheroes who can actually defeat Thanos in seconds.

Whether you are a Marvel fan or not you are aware of who Thanos is. He is a threat to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and nearly destroyed every possible multiverse and dimension. He should be feared by all. Thanos is like a badass wreaking havoc facing Avengers in the upcoming Infinity war series.

This would be the best time for you to know about some powerful Marvel superhero characters who can actually defeat Thanos in seconds.

5. Jean Grey / Phoenix force:

 Jean Grey is an extremely powerful Marvel character and dangerous mutant from the X-Men. Let’s be clear Jean grey without the Phoenix force just can’t match single beat in defeating Thanos but when combined with the Phoenix force, due to her rage and serenity, it’s whole other story.

In the comic book and also we have seen in the X-Men movie series, X-Men Apocalypse, she had defeated the ruthless alien emperor.

She merged with the Phoenix force and defeated apocalypse or we say destroyed him.

Phoenix force is one of the most powerful and Immortal entities in the entire MCU. It can bend the universe and can make intergalactic flights and with these powers, she could erase the entire timeline. Phoenix force has waited for the extreme level rating for Speed, strength and durability and energy projection by the Marvel Wikia. With these powers in  her hands she could defeat Thanos single-handedly.

4. The Hulk – Zombie version /Winter Soldier version:

Tell me a name who don’t know about the powerful and almighty Hulk. Where you have seen Hulk beating puny God Loki like a cloth. Even he competes to Thor. Well just don’t talk about it here.

According to the comic books, Hulk has been numorously defeated by Thanos. But Hulk has maximum survivability and durability that he could take a nuclear attack. As in the comic books, the Winter Soldier version of Hulk is almost undefeatable by the Avengers, which was created by Hydra through the Winter Soldier Program.

He is one of the most powerful and almighty Marvel character with whom he wants to avoid conflicts with.

Hulk has a higher level of stamina and durability than Thanos marked by Marvel Wikia. When Hulk gets angrier & boosted with rage, his immense power could compete and destroy Thanos.

Thanos has beaten Hulk many times but Thanos still has the rashness to say out loud that he would rather not mess with hulk.

3. Odin:

He is the almighty father of Asgard and a God to all the nine realms of the universe.

Slept more than thousands of years, alone makes him so powerful and immortal. As one thing I should tell you about Asgardians, it is that  “they get stronger the older they get. Thor also mentioned this when the Avengers was fighting to Thanos in the comic book and in the Avengers animated series.

Odin also possesses a Mystic and supernatural power known as Odin-force, the most powerful Supernatural magic in the universe.

With his powers other superheroes and villains are no matched to him.

According to the comic books, Odin has actually beaten Thanos once. Thanos is a strong competitor to him but no matter how powerful he is with or without Infinity gauntlet, Odin can defeat Thanos. Odin powers are super mystical and are of the cosmic level.

If there is any way that Avengers could reborn Odin again, then Thanos would be in a situation that he could be defeated.

2. Franklin Richards:

Franklin Richards, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, is basically a mutant beyond Omega level. He is the son of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman).

His abilities are beyond cosmic level. He can do reality warping and can manipulate matter and energy. He has also psionic abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, Astral projection, and precognition. He is immortal and even could create a pocket universe.

According to the comics, he has created a pocket universe of his own once.
Even Professor X told once that he is the most powerful mutant in the entire universe, when he was in his cerebral chamber finding the mutants.

He can actually defeat Thanos with infinity gauntlet, but if he is only adult. Then there was no any problem in defeating Thanos with the powers that he held beyond cosmos, he could easily defeat Thanos and could erase the several galaxies.

1. The One Above All:

His real identity is unknown. He was introduced mystically in the comics. He was created by Roberto Aguirre Sucasa and Clayton Crain. He was first seen in the comic book “Sensational Spider-Man” volume 2 #40 (October 2007).

Responsible for all the existence of life in the multiverse, he is the sole superior of the cosmic overseer known as the Living Tribunal. He is more powerful than Living Tribunal and Beyonder. He is the god of Marvel Universe.

In the comics, when Doctor Strange was facing the Living Tribunal, he mentioned the most powerful celestial being The One Above All as the one who is the god of all celestial entities.

He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and is above cosmic powers and abstract entities.
Thanos is barely a no match for him. He could defeat Thanos in a matter of seconds. Thanos would not even stand a chance against him.

So these are the “Top 5 Marvel superheroes who can actually defeat Thanos”. The current version of Thanos using Infinity gauntlet, Spiderman, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Thor won’t stand a chance against him.

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