Voices behind some popular songs by famous EDM/DJ Artists.

Voices behind some popular songs by famous EDM/DJ Artists:  Ever wondered who are those uncredited voices behind some popular songs by famous EDM/DJ Artists. 

In this Blog, We”ll help you to get to know those “Uncredited ” But wonderful artists with an exceptional voice. 


Song: How Deep Is Your Love
Record Producer: Scottish Artist Calvin Harris
Year: 2015

➡ She is a Norwegian singer and songwriter.
She started her career with the purpose one and only as a recording artist, but later turned to writing music for others. As a writer, she is very good and successful. She is internationally considered as one of the most successful and a great artist.

In the hit song “How Deep Is Your Love”, she is the main vocalist and also a co-writer of the song. But she didn’t take any credit for the song. She told that she’s a writer first, and we have gotta pick our battles. She did a really great job. Calvin Harris liked her song and asked her to use it as his new singles. The song was a hit success and blockbuster featuring Disciples and the American Model ‘Gigi Hadid’.


Song: Faded
Record Producer: Norwegian Artist Alan Walker
Year: 2015

➡She is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She is known for his vocals in the Alan Walker’s singles such as “Faded” and “Sing Me To Sleep”. Her debut single “What’s Happening” received wide airplay. It was selected “Song of the Week” for the national radio station Radio Norge.

The song “Faded” was highly successful and rocked the people continuously playing this song on their playlists.It peaked in the Top 10 in most of the countries it charted in. It reached the top spot in more than 10 countries. In 2015 and early 2016, Iselin’s vocals were uncredited on Alan Walker’s EDM songs.


Song: Wake Me Up
Record Producer: Swedish Artist Tim Bergling who is popularly known by his stage name “Avicii”.
Year: 2013

➡He is an American musician and singer. He is also an actor, songwriter, and a record producer. He really cares for the society.He is a businessman and a philanthropist too.

“Wake Me Up” became one of the biggest songs of 2013. The song is filled up with hope, faith, and love. It was a great surprise to learn that Avicii doesn’t actually sing on that soundtrack.
The “Wake Me Up”official video was released a month after the lyric video on 29 July 2013. The song features Aloe Blacc voice and two other beautiful females with amazing voice: the older one is Russian fashion model Kristina Romanova, and the younger one is Laneya Grace.


Song: Hey Baby
Record Producers: Belgian artists Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and American producer & musician Diplo.
Year: 2017

The song is recorded by the Belgian DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, who are brothers and American producer/musician Diplo.
You may know Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike (Thivaios Brothers) for the being the undisputed Kings of ‘Tomorrowland’. The song features vocals from Deb’s Daughter. This single was a hit in Belgium and in many other countries. It gave the duo their second number one and the first for both Diplo and Deb’s Daughter in the United States. It topped the “Billboard Dance Club Songs” on April 29, 2017.

So these are some great lists of uncredited Voices behind some popular songs by famous EDM/DJ Artists. Go hear them now on YouTube or Spotify. 

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