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10 Most Expensive Things Owned By India’s Richest Man Mukesh Ambani

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Mukesh Ambani is India’s most successful businessman with the net worth of $42 Billion, he is India’s richest man and 20th richest person in the world as of Forbes published an article in March 2017. he is the chairman, MD and one of the largest shareholder in reliance industries limited.

This blog is all about 10 expensive things owned by India’s richest businessman Mukesh Ambani.

1. Reliance industries limited

Chairman, MD and the largest shareholder in RIL, he holds 44.7% stake in RIL. it is India’s most valuable company due date. RIL is mainly involved in refining, petrochemicals, oil, gas and many other subsidiaries sectors.

2. Antilla

Antilla is the most expensive house in the world which costs around $2 Billion. it is situated at Altamont Road, Cumballa hill in Mumbai. Antilla has almost everything Gym, Theater, Spa, Swimming Pool, Pub, helipad and what not. Antilla consists of 27 high ceiling Floors. House is designed to survive earthquake measured 8 on Richter Scale. Maybe It sounds Wired to you but 600 staffs are engaged 24 x 7 to maintain the house.

3. Boeing Business Jet 2

Mukesh Ambani has a Boeing Business Jet 2 which costs around $80 Million. This 1104 sq ft. jet has a well-designed office and a private bedroom suite. This jet is a combination of hotel and an office.

4. Falcon 900Ex

Falcon 900ex is another jet in the list which is owned by Mukesh Ambani. it costs around $44 Million. This private jet is best for small meetings with a range of 8,340 km. Falcon consists of game controls, music system, satellite television, wireless communication and fly out at great speed.

5. Mercedes S Class

This is one of the luxurious car owned by Mukesh Ambani that is Mercedes S Class Which costs around $150,000 and the car is fully bullet and bomb proof. This car can go to 0-60in just 3.9 Seconds. The car consists of the onboard conference center, laptops, TV screen, and many luxurious features.

6. Airbus 319 Corporate Jet

The private Airbus 319 Corporate Jet is owned by Mukesh Ambani and Ambani gifted it to his wife Nita Ambani on her birthday. This jet can carry up to 25 passengers. The Jet is equipped with entertainment cabins, luxury sky bar and state of the art cockpit makes this jet cost more than $100 Million.

7. Ambani Yacht

Mukesh Ambani also owns this floating beast of seas. This yacht costs around $100 Million. This Custom build yacht consists of a piano bar, lounge, dining area with personal suites. This yacht is the horseshoe shape and is extremely energy efficient has fuel saving of 50% also consist a private elevator owner’s suites

8. Mercedes SL500

This is another luxurious beast owned by Mukesh Ambani which costs him around $100,000. This car has gull-wing doors, well-designed interior, aluminum body and an onboard conference center. Car consist of 7-speed transmission and a turbocharged 6L engine that can produce 621 horsepower.

9. Maybach 62

Maybach 62 is the most Luxurious car owned by Mukesh Ambani. it is bullet and bomb proof along with custom-tailored interior with privacy screen and conference facilities. its estimated cost is over $1 Million.

10. Aston Martin Rapide

Mukesh Ambani also has a speed demon available in his garage. this car can accelerate from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds. The car can reach up to 203 miles per hour. it has 5.9 L V12 engine with 8 speed automatic to transmission provide a fast and safe ride. it costs Ambani around $170,000.

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