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Top 5 famous TV stars who have married in different religions

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Top 5 famous TV stars who have married in different religions:

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Top 5 famous TV stars who have married in different religions:

 Love does not believe in divisive elements like color, language, religion or caste. Love not only lifts itself up with these things but also learns to see it at all. Today we have brought for you the list of famous TV stars who chose their life partner in different religions:

1. Deepika Kakkar – Shoaib Ibrahim.

This famous on-screen couple of the famous TV serial ‘In-laws’ was married on February 22, 2018. There was also a great deal of discussion on every side of this marriage. While Deepika Kakkad believes in the Hindu vote, Shoaib Ibrahim Islam, It was rumored that before the marriage, Deepika Kakkar has changed her religion, but Deepika has refused to do any such thing directly.

2. Suyash Rai – Kishwar Merchant.

Famous model and TV actor Suyash Rai married K. Kishwar Merchant of ‘Prem Ki Ke Ek Kahani’ on December 16, 2016. Suyash Rai is a Hindu opinion while Kishwar Merchant adheres to the Muslim vote. Both had lived in the long-term relationship.

3. Amna Sharif – Amit Kapoor.

‘Kahin To Hoga’ Fame Amna Sharif is known for playing lead roles in many popular TV serials. On December 27, 2013, Amna married producer Amit Kapoor. Aamna’s parents also married in spite of having a different religion.

4. Shamim Mannan – Atul Kumar.

Shamim Mannan, who plays a lead role in the famous serial ‘Sanskar-Dhorohar Apno Ki’, which is aired on Colors TV, married his boyfriend Atul Kumar in 2017. This marriage was followed by Islam as well as following Hindu customs.

5. Hussein Kawajarwala – Tina Dharia.

‘Kumkum’ Fame TV actor Hussain Kuwajarwala chose his college friend Tina Dharia as his wife. Both of them were married to Hindu and Muslim customs.

Make a difference in the society by getting married in a different religion. 
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