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Jee Mains Expected Cut Off 2018 and Previous Years | GEN, OBC, ST, SC

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Jee Mains Expected Cut Off 2018 and Previous Years | GEN, OBC, ST, SC


Maths questions were complicated, this year cutoff will be around 70.

Examination for admission in institutes like IIT, NIT, JEE Mains was held on Sunday.

The B.Tech and BE examination took place from 9.30 are to 12.30 pm. BTech and B. Architect and B.Planning examination were conducted from 2 to 5 pm in the afternoon. This examination took place at two centers. Reporting time for the students was kept at 7 o’clock. All test takers were allowed to enter the gate after frisking.


Students were examined strictly before the entry. Students had to follow the prescribed guidelines. Most of the students had reached the examination long before the examination began so that they did not face any kind of problem. According to experts, this year cutoff will be around 70, which is less than last year. The reason is that the paper level was slightly harder compared to last year.


The students who came out of the paper said that the questions in Maths paper were not very difficult, but they were some tricky. At the same time, some students were hard-pressed with the questions of physics. They said that the questions were asked about the harder topics, due to which they took time to solve. Chemistry was not very easy at all as compared to previous years.

Altogether, students also feel that cutoffs will be reduced this time. CBSE will display the website of JEE MAINS Official Answer- from 24th to 27th April.

Students’ Examination Center had started reaching from 7 AM onwards. First of all, students got Admit Card and Photo ID. Also checked with their metal detector Some students brought mobile phones, which were deposited only on the phone gate. Also, the clock was removed. However, the full sleeves and jewelry were not so strictly seen at any center. Students had to bring their ID card and photo ID only. The pen was also made available at the center.


 70  81  100  105  115
 45  49  70  70  74
 27  32  52 50  53
 22  27  48  44  47

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