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Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR

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Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR

Top Smartphones With Best Camera Like DSLR.

Nowadays, people are crazy to shoot photos and take selfies. Most of the people give priority to the camera when they buy a smartphone. So, In favor of people and their wants, all the companies try to give a better quality of the camera on their cellphone.
           In this era of mobile,  features of smartphone become rise day to day and also the camera get the advanced technology to capture best photo pixel as possible. That’s why the dual camera landed on market to fulfill the needs of cell phone users.

Today we will describe some Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR.

• Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR
Galaxy S9 Plus is the flagship phone of Samsung and of course, it has a better quality of camera than all of their other phones have. It has dual rear camera set-up of 12MP with a f/1.5 aperture which gives us a great quality of picture also in dim light like DSLR camera. It also has nice blur effect and you can enjoy seeing super slow motion at 960fps on this phone.

• iPhone X

Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR
The second one is iPhone X of Apple which is the first fully bezel-less phone and have face unlock. Its camera is mind-blowing having 12MP + 12MP rear shooter and 7MP front. Its rear camera is telephoto and depth-sensing camera and precise facial mapping create striking studio-quality lighting effect and can zoom 10x for photo and 6x for video. It has also an animoji feature which responds to your facial expressions through 3D animated emoji.

•Huawei Honour 8 Pro

Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR
Honour 8 Pro is a beautiful looking android phone with dual camera set-up. It is a fast working phone which runs through 6GB of RAM and his own processor i.e Kirin. And it’s the main highlight is a rear camera which is 12MP+12MP. It’s one lens for color photo and other is for black and white. Together they take a perfect color balance picture. And it also plays nice with depth mode of the picture.

•Xiaomi Redmi A1

Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR
Xiaomi is no.1 smartphone selling company in India today. And it’s Redmi A1 set the fire up the market which splashes down with a dual camera of 12MP wide angle and 12MP is a telephoto lens which takes cool and crisp photos and when you click the photo in portrait mode it’s bokeh effect is just awesome that possible only with SLR camera. It is one of the best selling phones and most of the Xiaomi lovers liked this phone and it’s my favorite only.

• Google Pixel 2

Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR
Google pixel 2 is one of the best android phones and if you go through its camera then I bet it is amazing. It doesn’t have a dual camera like all the phones on this list. But even their single camera capture true tone picture like DSLR. For a camera phone, you can choose this one without any hesitation.

Hope you enjoyed our blog Top smartphones with best camera like DSLR“. So, how was your experience? Which one will you choose for a perfect camera phone in all of these? Comment fast…

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