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Samsung Galaxy X the world’s first ever foldable smartphone detailed specification

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the world's first ever foldable smartphone

What would the world’s first ever foldable smartphone be like?

Ever wondered what it would be like if they found that not in your pocket turned into a digital screen. Sounds like marble Sci-fi, movies does it?

the world's first ever foldable smartphone

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Yep, you guessed it right, look no further coz you are in luck as the fiction is about to ton reality. Brace yourself to feel like Harry Potter with your Marauder’s map in your pocket as Google Maps without a wand. So if you are ready to let’s hop on our own how was Express and explore the newest technology that is about to hit the world by storm.

Not so long ago when Apple launched its notch-up iPhone we all thought it was as good as Technology could ever get to, if you are among those people then Korean tech giant Samsung has something that will pick your interest and Have you reconsider.


The tech giant, Samsung set the prototype built on an unprecedented concept before our eyes for the whole world to see at a Developer Conference in San Francisco. Many Technology savvy organizations believe it’s the next big thing in the tech industry. The world’s first ever foldable smartphone comes with a dual screen concept, there is believed to be followed on the outside but as soon as one opens the phone it turns into a tablet on the inside. We are yet to find a lot about the world’s first-ever foldable smartphone but what we do that is that it is carved quite exquisitely to enhance the User experience.

We have seen flexible OLED displays in the past as well but there were not quite functional, the response for study and the User experience was tardy and the user experience, well let’s just Keep it to, no so good.


Samsung isn’t the only one that is making foldable smartphones, Chinese Tech company, Royale Corporation is already selling its flex-Pi sounds mainline China and to the Global developers. It unveiled the flex-Pi, which is originally the world’s best ever foldable smartphone. By taking just a mere look at it you can easily say that is not something one would be looking for and this thing won’t live up to the expectation.

The flex-Pi hardly folds fairy speaking it only bends to a certain degree in the middle which is likely to produce distortion and hamper the User experience, if you’re not repealed by the device yet the so-called world’s first ever smartphone which is currently getting sold in China is really uncomfortable to hold as well. But we can’t be too harsh of the world’s first ever smartphone by Royale Corporation, because this technology and the concept are still in the early days. But if you are still interested in getting your hands on Royale’s flex-Pi, aka the world’s first about foldable smartphone. It is going to cost you roughly around $1300 for the 128 Gigabyte version.


Let’s get back to Samsung now, the more reliable brand, so to speak, the Samsung Infinity flex is considered to be better in terms of resolution and the User experience but we don’t know anything in that regard for certain yet. Many are saying that the prototype is still unfinished and can’t be relied on the time being, but the mere fact that we’re getting exposed to an era where we can get to such an intuitive technology with flexible OLEDs, the fact that we can make devices that can be folded, is absolutely startling.


Some Leaks of the display.

(pic credit: KIPRIS)

When folded the over display goes dark whilst operating on the tablet form of it hence we can’t use both screens simultaneously. The bigger screen lets you work with three different Windows which can be absolutely wonderful for multitasking. For instance, you can take a look at the news scroll down your FB post I have fun on Instagram. The Infinity flex display used for flexibility allows all the layers that the display is made of bend and flex smoothly so don’t worry you will not be breaking your foldable smartphone pipe folding it. I mean that’s the idea and whole purpose of it, right?

As far as the looks are concerned the phone will be relatively thick, exactly how thick we can’t say anything about that with precision as of yet. It might even have some bezels around it too, yeah just when you thought bezels are a thing of past. There is no telling that the device will be twice the size of a normal smartphone, but still somewhat interesting that it is foldable.

There are some specs

Over display

  • Resolution: 840×1960
  • Screen density: 420 pi
  • Smallest screen width: 320 dp
  • Screen size: normal

Main display

  • Resolution: 1536x 2152
  • Screen density: 420 pi
  • Smallest screen width: 585 dp
  • Screen size: large

We still don’t know the name of the phone yet but Galaxy F or X are both looming.

Neither can anything be said about the material of the inside screen?

As far as the camera goes, again, we don’t know if it is gonna one, two, three or four cameras at the back. Samsung, however, has created an unprecedented look to match up with Infinity flex hardware, it is called one UI, which trumps the earlier versions of the Samsung software, which declutters your screen and gives you a great Android experience. Since we’re on the subject of Android, Google is in full support of this new and exciting concept that could turn out to the next big thing. They’re building APIs into the platforms for a seamless foldable experience, that might support new features like app continuity and enhanced multiple windows that could send multitasking into the stratosphere.

Samsung Galaxy X release date and price

However, bear in mind that this is only the first generation of such advanced technology so we shouldn’t get our hopes set too high on this one. It’s still in the working process, Samsung has not put a clear wording on when you can have these foldable smartphones in your hands, for all we can expect the infinity flex to hit the markets by the end of 2019.

Price of Samsung Galaxy X  the world’s first ever foldable smartphone is going to be approximately $1,930 according to sources.


There is no telling that this foldable concept is the beginning of what could turn into quite imperative, quite compelling element way down the line in the future. For all, we know if we give it some time to evolve and see where it’s useful and then iterate on it, we can honestly say it could flourish and take us into a whole new era of the digital world to make our lives even simpler.


What do you think of the foldable smartphone concept?

Will it drive laptops and other devices into an early grave?

We’ll let you feast and ponder on this enticing subject for now.

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